Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Traffic Trauma

The rain and the end of long holidays last week bought the Bengaluru traffic to halt. I was struck on BEML Road (aka Suranjan Das Road) for over an hour. Then thought of taking 80 feet road via Indiranagar and reached office in 20 mins. If it was the BEML road, I would have spent another hour. When I saw Google Maps, it seemed like Bengaluru had got lot of hb as the map showed almost all the major roads in red indicating traffic... 

Friday, 12 June 2015

A Dispatch From Reuter's

"A Dispatch From Reuter's" was the movie I wanted to watch for a long time... Finally got a copy of DVD from the company's archive. It was a good watch - no words to express!!! Impressed with the way Julius Reuter made information available during that time, and the way he lived with the principles on making news available. The company has grown since then significantly in making news and data available in this age of information super highway... I am glad to share that I joined the company as my first job I wanted during my college days...

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Digital World

Responsive Web design! that's the first few words of my blog post after a long time.. the evolution in computer/processor industry has changed the way the information in viewed. Lot of people viewing the content on their devices such as smart phones, pc or tablet may not know. Responsive web design with the help from bootstrap for example has made it quite easier to write and manage content just once and make it available on devices of any make and resolutions, unlike old times when one had to write the code to make the content fit for mobile in separate files and to make it fit on pc on separate files (then tablets were rare :) )

With that deal of advancement, I still appreciate the processor's ability to add the numbers that many times when asked to multiply!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Summer

Its been a real bad summer for Bangalore this year - reaching 37 degree C. Few tips to beat the heat... Orange juice, Lime soda, mango juice, coconut water - all of these are good to avoid dehydration... One of the new drinks I tried making at home - To a glass, add 75% of mango juice, 20% of soda, few ice cubes and small leaves of pudhina in it. Shake it or stir it, its a good drink to have on a summer hot day...

Another best drink during summer is the butter milk, a very good agent to beat the heat provided you have some time to take a nap as this drink for some people can cause drowsiness...

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Evolving TV...

The way the content is delivered to telivisions has been on a fast paced change recently... starting from the antenna, cable TV, to set-top boxes and then HD...to the growing use of internet enabled TV's allowing to watch streaming content... Looks like it is not far where the channels will turn into streaming web adresses! and make the set-top boxes an extinct creature...
Internet TV will allow tracking the viewing pattern and suggest the programmes or the streaming addresses the viewer would be interested in...also allowing the viewer to share, tweet and do all other social networking activities which is curently done using a second device such as a smart phone, pc or a tablet... Internet is not expensive while the internet enabled TV's are...it might take a few years for the prices to drop - like 10 years back the amount you paid for a pc brings you a higher config pc today!

Monday, 18 February 2013

eight years back!

Eight years back I wrote this article when I was to join Thomson Reuters (then Reuters). Then it was the February 2005 and I was in my 5th Trimester of MBA at Christ College and the interview for this job happened just before a day of the final exams. Change is the constant, and lot did change... From then what I was, and to what I am now...there is a lot of change (on a side note, the traffic and expenses in Bangalore did change a lot).. Working with wonderful people - team mates, my managers, I did learn a lot...from managing people to providing precise requirements to developers and understanding, cultivating the habit to provide timely and accurate data to clients.. It has been a wonderful journey since I began working with this company. Got a chance to work with inspiring, enthusiastic people...and the experience has been great. I made a lot of good friends and enjoyed every day being here. My schoolmates say I will retire in this company..Well I have not seen future!! 

I am happy for one behavior not changing during these eight years, that is the curiosity to know/learn about anything that interests me...be it learning calculus or blogging after an year! I used to write about movies, travel in this blog...now I find it so difficult to find time to punch some keys to put a post on this blog.. Whoever said that there is no free time, and you need to make one, he/she is correct in saying so..therefore keep checking this space, I may be able to make some time to get on the blog roll as I did during past few years. And now with technology advancing, blogging is on the go...

Sunday, 29 January 2012

math - remains scary for most

I hopped on the International Math Olympiad (IMO) website which lists the ranking of countries those participated in it. For the year 2011, it shows that India stands at a ranking of 23, and when I look at the ranking for the previous years, it is shocking to see how the ranking has been running down the slope.. During the year 1998 the ranking stood at 7.During the last twenty three years, the ranking with a single digit has been only twice. And today in Times of India, there is an article under Times Crescent which talks on the similar topic. At the Schools and Colleges it is the race for taking a course that would get the best paying job and during all this race what has happened is...a student is turned into a machine that accepts inputs from various sides with no self learning. The interest of learning is kept aside while the interest to get a job is kept alive since the day one of school to the end of graduation day. This reminds of the movie Three Idiots which has shown this scenario really well. What has happened through the years in the education system is - make the pupil read and retain (not learn), give them loads of books, make them appear for various entrance exams and don't allow them to think and see what they really want to do. Courses have become more of a job oriented than of a benefit to a larger mass. Like, today, there are very few takers to learn about Math or do research in Math. The papers published on Math has been decreasing, thus giving very few people who can be part of National Research for the good of the larger mass. All the while what happens is the student is not able to cope up with too many things and devote good amount of time in studying on his own. This has lead to attending tuitions outside the school/college and tuitions have become like a must have thing for a student. Spending around 1/3 of the time at school and 1/4 of the time in tuitions, the student is not left with time to learn the things on own. This leading to fear about some subjects. Math has the large number of students who fear it. Mathofabia! Math requires ample time to be sent in learning how those can be applied in real life scenarios.. Learning about theorems, equations, etc is fun if the approach and the liking is towards learning the subject and enjoying it, than just being a passenger in the Math train where the knowledge is retained for just a while...after few months of exams, hardly most of the pupil would remember how to solve a problem... "Like being best on the job or eating a meal, learning can't be enjoyed unless there is a liking..." Well to increase liking and support Math, Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh  declared 22nd December to be celebrated National Mathematics Day (in remembrance of contribution from Srinavasa Ramanujan) and 2012 as a year of 'National Mathematical Year' .