Friday, 31 December 2004

some times life seem so eazy

some time life seems so eazy. till 1pm I was thinking how would I go about the questionnaire admn for my dissertation. amazing things happened and I was able to get 43 questionnaires filled in 2 hours. thats amazing. that is why I say "Some Times Life Seems So Eazy"

my favourite actress

wana see.......

you should not miss this

ok see this


after a long time bollywood has given good songs through the movie swades. the movie has a good story not like a typical sharukh khan movie but its different. especially the song which narrates a part of ramayana is superb. people whats holding you, go and watch the movie now. and whats special..... the new actress is amazing, superb and fantastic.

Happy New Year

wishing the reader of this blog a Happy and a Prosperous New Year. god bless you with health, success and prosperity. best of luck for the year ahead. hope the new year brings to all of us lot of opportunities and learnings.

Thursday, 30 December 2004

Is Inventory Evil?

today during the TQM class the TQM Professor said "Inventory is evil", I do agree with his statement but not completely. I know holding excess inventory is like putting your cash into something that is unproductive. but it is not true for all industries, especially for oil companies. I analysed the recent rally of oil prices for two months and I found that the oil refining companies which used JIT were the most affected by the rising oil prices when compared to the companies which had inventory of oil. even though I told the professor he did not agree with this. I have to find a better way to convience him on this matter.

tsunami claims 100,000 lifes

what a disaster has been created by tsunami, which has so far claimed 100,000 peoples lifes in 11 countries. sometimes u can never anitipate natures blow.

Wednesday, 29 December 2004

tsunamis-may god rest thier souls in peace

Tsunamis kills 26,000 people. we never know what the nature has for us. Despite the advancement in technology and money power we are unable to predict things like tsunamis. If it was possible by way of some technology it could have been possible to save the lives of thousands and ofcourse the assets created over a long time. At this moment only thing that I can say is "May God rest thier souls in peace".

Oil Pushes Gold

Why is Gold Bullish????? (click here)

Statistical Analysis of RIL Stock

RIL Stock Price Analysis-From 01 Sept 04 to 23 Dec 04

Mean: 519.5222

Standard Error: 2.84513

Median: 527.35

Mode: 543.7

Standard Deviation: 25.28807

Sample Variance: 639.4864

Kurtosis: -1.32735

Skewness: -0.24888

Range: 87.9

Minimum: 471.95

Maximum: 559.85

Count: 79

Largest(1): 559.85

Smallest(1): 471.95

Confidence Level(95.0%): 5.66422

Turning my Life to reach where I want to be

I decided today to study CA. This decision is a crucial one in my life and will help me to reach there where I want to be. I know CA is not a easy thing to be, it requires hardwork and dedication and I am ready to put in hardwork and dedication. One thing that I like in me is that I always take up the difficult things because I believe that such a thing will add to my learning.

Tuesday, 28 December 2004

At the cost of Shareholders Wealth....

In the yesterdays RIL 's board meeting everyone in the board supported the decissions of Mr. Mukesh while Mr. Anil was the only person who was unhappy with the decissions taken at the meeting. It was decided in the meeting that the company will buyback the RIL shares at a price of Rs. 570 and it would cost the company Rs. 3000Crores to carry out with this buyback. As far as I have analysed the company, I feel that the company does not have a strong corporate governance which has made the company face serious problems in the recent past. The recent developments in the past three months were responisble to erode the wealth of the investors by Rs. 1125 Crores. Only hope to keep the shareholders wealth intact is that RIL should sort out the issues facing it at the earliest

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Technology helps us in many ways

For my dissertation I developed a software which will analyse the stock prices of 50 companies for the last ten years and give me the analysis of the same. It took me five days to develop the software and test it and finally its running fine without any errors. One thing I would like to drive from this is- "Technology helps us in many ways, only thing is that we should know how o use it"

Monday, 27 December 2004

6th Trimester starts with a bang.....

The 6th Trimester today began with a bang. Two good news initiated the rally at the begining of the new trimester. The announcement of BU Results increased the confidence of the class followed by the announcement of International Business marks. In BU Exams I scored 67% and 60/100 in International Business.In all it was a great start for the new trimester.