Monday, 28 February 2005

Budget 2005

I was hoping that the Corp tax will be reduced this time. The reduction in the corporate tax from 35% to 30% in Mr. PC's Budget 2005 on the one hand will allow companies to pay more dividends, invest in new projects, expansions, etc while on the other hand it is going to reduce the income for the govenment. I think the loss incurred by the government will be offset by more investments which will result in more production, more employment and more spending.
Once again the govt has reduced the customs duty on Oil, in one way its good for the oil importing companies in this oil rally season but at the same time it is again going to reduce the earnings for the govt. Sometimes it is difficult to guess whats there in the mind of all these big and intelligent guys like Mr. PC and Mr. Singh.

ClassRoom Training

Started with the class room training at the company. Its interesting and a good opportunity to know the company and its values, objectives in detail. What the company expects from the employees and what the company offers to the employees is well explained in the training. The class room training is going to be there for 5 days and the real work is going to start. Hope that day comes soon.

Thursday, 24 February 2005

Missing College

I am missing the college. Its just been a week that I joined the company. The discussions over the case studies, the current affairs; friends.... Me really missing the college.

Sunday, 20 February 2005

Going to Home

It is after 8 months that I am going home today. I have planned to have some good time with my graduation classmates. It is nice experience to go to the native place after getting the first job. Its a different experience!

Friday, 18 February 2005


Good work place

I joined Reuters on 16/02/05. Its a good work place. People there care for each other. I liked the work and the workplace.

Wednesday, 16 February 2005

Going to Reuters

The job which I like....
The company which I respect.....
The company which operates in 92 countries....
The company which enables 96% of the financial transactions in the world happen....
This is the company where I am going to work....
I am going to be part of Reuters from tomorow....

This is going to be my first job, and I am going to put in my best efforts to reach higher positions in the company.

I thank Almighty, my parents, the staff at the college, all my classmates and friends who have supported me during my MBA and who have always helped me learn more than what was expected. Thanks to all...


Exams over... No work to do... was getting bored... So Saw the movie BLACK... Story and the way the movie is picturised is really good. Rani and Amitab have exhibited thier talent once again. The story revolves around how a blind and deaf girl(Rani) tries to be independent in this world with the help of Amitab. The movie describes the difficulties of people who are physically handicaped. Everyone should watch this movie.

Rating: ****

Monday, 14 February 2005


Finally the exams got over. The end of 23 hectic days. 6 days of solid vacations.

Friday, 11 February 2005

The Difficult of all Exams

The most difficult subject that I have come across is Taxation and the exam of the same is scheduled on 12 Feb 2005. I am studying this subject for the first time, hope it goes on fine.

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Prayer of a typical Investor

Statutory Warning: The Investor in this prayer is fictional and the views expressed in this message does not resemble any person living or dead.

The following message describes how a typical investor prays every morning when he wakes up and in the night before he goes to sleep. The details of the investor are as follows...

Name : Mr. Market Bull

Occupation : Investing in Financial Markets

Age : Not Disclosed

Address: S&P 500, "Stock Villa", Wall Street, Money Planet, United States of Investors

Portfolio : Invested in all the financial instruments(Real and Intangible) available under the Sun.

This is how he prays...

Let the GDP of the nation grow,

Let the Spending habits of the citizens increase,

Allow more FDI in Telecom, Power, Healthcare, Retailing,etc,

Keep the Oil Prices under control, Increase the Gross Refining Margins,

Let the inflation and interest rates do not have an impact my investments,

Oh God! I dont ask more from you.

Let the Sectors where I have invested grow,

Deregulate those sectors,

Let the competition be with respect to paying dividends,

Let the industries remain in the Growth stage,

Give me access to the information much earlier than other investors,

Oh God! I dont ask more from you.

Let the Corporations financial health become strong and Beta Value decrease,

Introduce better Corporate Governance in the corporations for transparent reporting,

Decrease the Corporate Income Tax rate, Abolish Transaction and Capital Gains Tax,

Compell the Corporations to give dividends every quarter,

Make the Corporations understand the concept of Sharehodlers Wealth Maximisation,

Oh God! I dont ask more from you.

-Author: Amit Bulbule

And finally he remembers he favourite God and thinks of new investing alternatives, uses variuos softwares, reads every annual report that comes in his hands and visits all the market related sites like Bloomberg, Reuterss, Intreasury, Debtonnet, BSE, NSE, NYSE, NYMEX, FTSE, etc.

Tuesday, 8 February 2005

Its not because of Outsourcing

I came across a report which said that- Outsourcing to Indian has not affected the US Economy. The US economy is affected by the job loss in the manufacturing sector. About 800,000 jobs were lost during 2000-2003 in which only 100,000 jobs were lost because of outsoucring while the rest were lost in the manufacturing sector. Around 700,000 job loss in manufacturing sector were the result of the strong dollar the report said.

Its interesting. When the dollar becomes strong, US Exports become costlier resulting in the decline of demand. Hence, the manufacturing companies had to lay off the people to keep the costs under control.

Its amazing to see that an appreciation in US Dollar by about 7% could lead to such a huge number of jobs to be lost.

Sunday, 6 February 2005

Its the Exam Time

Its the Exam time... bole to raat bhar pado, din bhar pado.... matlab sirf pado jab tak exam khatam na ho.

4 Papers got over till today and 3 more to go. Hope the rest of the papers will be easy.

Found new snaps of Preity Zinta

Thursday, 3 February 2005

Exams.... Placements....

Exams and Placements are going paralley increasing the stress and no time to spare. hope the two finish soon.