Saturday, 30 April 2005

Amazing IQ Test Site

Check out this link for IQ Test.

Economics + Statistics ---> Finance

The knowledge of Eccnomics and Statistics is very much needed to learn and apply Finance. I read few articles on Finance which were using concepts from Economics and Stats to explain the Financial implications.

Friday, 29 April 2005

Its Friday!

Friday is the day i love. Its the day from where the party begins; off work and Party maadi.


A shayari i heard, it goes like this....

arz kiya hai...
Khatarnak hai woh bahu (daughter in law),
jo ghar ko swargh (heaven) banaye....
Khatarnak hai woh bahu,
jo ghar ko swargh banaye;
kyon ki...... kyon ki......
gharwale swarghwasi khelayenge!

Up up and away

In the Monetary Policy YV Reddy announced a hike of 25bps in the reverse repo. Of course there are reasons which make us think that a hike was necessary. But there are recent developments which tell us that a hike was not necessary this time. The Credit offtake was growing and the deposits were declining. This is good for a growing economy like India as lower interest rates move the credit offtake northwards, thus fueling economic growth. The recent hike is definetly going to decrease the credit offtake as the credit is no longer going to cheap as it was day before yesterday. The major factor driving the interest rates northwards is the oil price rally and every nation has to learn to live with it.

Reverse Repo is one of the tool which RBI uses to control the inflationary pressures. The infaltion can be kept under control by using Credit Reserve Ratio also. RBI could have reduced the CRR which would have helped in controlling inflation. Its really difficult to find why Reverse Repo was hiked and why not CRR reduced. May be the reason would be revealed in the detailed speech which is about to be published.

Lekar hum

Lekar hum deewana dil...
phirte hain manzil manzil;
kahin to pyare, kisi kinare
milljaoge andhere ujaale.... parapa para.....

Good one

Tuesday, 26 April 2005

nicE One

A couple of days back i heard a joke on Radio City.... What is the opposite of Adnan Sami. And gues wht could be the opposite.... "Adnan did not see me". Nice one ha haa ha..........

Monday, 25 April 2005


Thank you, thank you thank you for all the visitors of my blog. The blog has crossed 1,000 hits today. Keep on clicking and lets make this score cross Ten Thousand.

Thank you.,
Amit Bulbule

Saturday, 23 April 2005

Water cools of....

Its right. Whenever angry try cold water bath, it really works. I lost my temper on a stupid, irritating and @#!#$ person yesterday when I was about to come back from office. I was so much angry on him that I would have kicked that @#!#$, but somehow i let go my anger as I was coming in the companys vehicle. If I was not in the companys vehicle it would have been a different story. Then in anger I entered my room and was thinking about what happened just 15 mins ago. Then I took cold water bath and I felt some what ok and my anger cooled down. Cold Water bath really cools down the anger.


Check out the new clock posted on the blog.

Friday, 22 April 2005

Amazing site

Here is the link to site in finance which has lots and lots and lots of info. Includes glossary, articles, software and simulted portfolio management. Find out for your self. Click here to Visit the Site

Kyo Chalti hai pavan....

Listining to "Kyo Chalti hai pavan..." song from the movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai: first movie of Hritik, one of my favourite songs. Songs sound good at the work place.... seems to be a motivating factor.

"Meri Pyari Bindu..." from Padosan was also good one!

Monday, 18 April 2005

Life is a journey and a best Teacher

It is been rightly said that Life is a Journey. In this journey you meet new people and you have to depart from the existing ones. It is not possible for any one to remain with thier classmates for life long and every one has to learn to live without them after certain time, else the life will teach them to stay apart; Life is a best teacher, Isnt it?

Too Much

Bangalore's traffic is becoming worst day by day. Yesterday it took me 40 minutes to reach Forum, inspite of the oneways which were made to reduce traffic congestion. Its becoming difficult to ride two wheelers in such a traffic.

writing a case?

All these days at MBA i used to solve case study. Now its my turn to write a casestudy. Me writing a case study to overcome the issue raised by the Target Price and its dependency on EPS Estimates, P/E and P/B at my workplace.

Saturday, 16 April 2005

Uploaded My Photo in About Me

Photo taken at Hoggnekal Falls...

For all investors out there

The markets have crashed... Its the best time to buy the stocks as the prices have fallen. The prices will again go up and the markets will be on rally again, before the rally begins buying stocks at the current levels will be profitable.

...........................Ya, this sounds like an Analyst Speaking right!

Ella ok assignments yake!

When you are on the job its really really really difficult to complete the college assignments especially when you dont have any book of those subjects. I am faced with the same situation where I need to submit my college assignments and I dont have any notes/books of the same. Hope i get some info about those subjects on the internet. The only thing that can help me finish my assignments is

Wednesday, 13 April 2005

Classmates Where?

Its a long time i met my classmates. Hope we meet soon


Its the 91FM! This evening I was listening to 91FM. Couple of songs that were played were tooo gooooood. One of the song goes this way....

Aae Gulbadan, Aae Gulbadan,
Phoolon ki mahek Katon ki chuban,
Tujhe dekh ke kahata hai mera man,
Kahin aaj kisise mohabat na ho jaya.....

In evenings like this such a song sounds really good.

Saturday, 9 April 2005

The Days are Back!

The days of going out with friends are back. My work timings are going to change from the following monday, its going to be morning 6 to Afternoon 3. Nice One

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Cham Cham Karta Saawan

Traffic mein fassa baarish mein ataka..... When it rains the traffic gets worst here. On the double road the level of water had reached 2 feet. When u drive in the rain, the rain drops hit like... "Cham Cham karta saawan boondon ke baan chalaye, satarangi barasaton mein tan man bhigajaye"

Sunday, 3 April 2005

Water Water Water!!! el nodi Water!?

Had been to picnic with my classmates to a place called Hogankal. The place has got a waterfalls. Had a nice experience and good fun. We all enjoyed in the water for almost 2 and half hours. Boating was fun, expecially the spining of the boat. Everyone enjoyed being under the waterfall. This is what i say... "Beat the Heat".
More on this picnic comming soon... keep clicking...

Saturday, 2 April 2005

Kooooool Bangalore :-)

Thank God. It is raining in Bangalore today. Now-a-days B'lore was getting very hot. Now the Bangalore is cool, with nice breeze. Me in the office and want to go for walk in this nice climate.
Me going for a 15 minutes walk on the Airport Road. Maaja Maadi :-)

Friday, 1 April 2005


Today bought personal copies of 2 movies- Sangam & RHTDM. "Sangam" was a movie in which RajKapoor and Vijayantimala have given a fantastic acting performance. Nice movie!!!!. Another movie named RHTDM-"Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein" in which Madhavan and Diya Mirza have acted. Both the movies have good music and its coooool to watch them.
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