Thursday, 28 July 2005


Life is full of sport and challenges.


Finally..... the day arrived. I wrote my last exam of MBA.... Always wanted to be an MBA, struggled a lot to get a seat and struggled a lot in the college to understand Finance.... Such a wonderful feeling this day has brought with it...

Still a long way to go and I feel its just the begining. Want to explore whats next....... >>>


Dont rely on others for help. You have it in you to help yourself. Nothing can stop you from achieving what you want if you can help yourself. Believe in yourself and and the world will believe you.

Another Movie I saw

Saw "The WallStreet" movie.... great movie. The story revolves around how a trader is involved in soaring the price of a stock... He is able to take the price from 10 1/4 to 35 2/8..... creating artificial demand for the stock. He does heavy trading on information that he acquires from within the firm.

The movie shows the passion of the trader and his desire to move the markets. Desrie to move the markets is great, but he does it in a wrong way which is illegal. He realises in the second half of the movie that he is using incorrect ways to trade, but its too late to reverse the effect. He is caught by the law for the sin he committed.

Saturday, 23 July 2005


Corporate Valuations.... I love it. Diagnosing the companies and forecasting how the companies will perform in future is interesting and challenging.

Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Movies that I saw...

Recently saw...

Parineeta... Awsome music, story and acting. Liked the movie and trying to learn the songs. Rekha who appears in only one song has performed really well. Last five minutes of the movie I found boring... but when you have enjoyed almost 99% of the movie... 5 minutes of boring part is tolerable. I think one should watch this movie.

War of the Worlds.... As usual Spielberg type movie... with lots of special effects and humans trying to save themselves from another creatures, this time from another planet.

Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya... A comedy and fun filled movie with the lead actor always lying to his girlfried and finally ends up getting married to his secretary.

Parineeta * * * * *
War of the World * * *
Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya * * *

First Paper....

After working for almost 5 months.... it was hard to write Intl Business Paper which was the first paper of last semester.... After answering section A i found it difficult to write the remaining sections... Handwriting seemed to someone elses writing in the fist few pages...

It was good to meet all the classmates after a long break of 5 months.

Missing College

Ya... me missing the college. The day I came back to write my final exams in the college.... I was remembering the days spent discussing the cases, attending classes especially SAPM, Financial Services, Industrial Marketing, Brand Management and ofcourse Business Commn, Intl Business..... It was a good feeling to be back in the college.