Friday, 20 January 2006


I was about to finish the book - Kane and more pages to go and I see its time for me to go to office...the climax was becoming interesting with each lines I read... I thought I should finish the remaining pages and then go to the same time I was not willing to be late at work... It was hard to close the book... I am eager to go back home and read the book... the time is going very sloooooow...


  1. oh!yes, i hate to leave a book when i'm almost at the climax...its so heartbreaking...infact when i leave a book in such manner i just am not able to concentrate on my keeps haunting me till i finish it...perhaps the same is with you:-)

  2. hey Ashmi...all the time i was thinking about the what will happen at the end of the story...while i was in the office.