Saturday, 28 January 2006

I dont want to be late...

I was trying to reach a place where I can file an application for an IPO...the IPO was about to close at 17:00 hours and I started from my house at 16:00 as soon as I came from my office. I have found one thing...whenever I have tried to reach a place early and very little time is left I usually endup in a traffic jam waiting for the traffic to move so that I can reach brings so much of tension...and nothing can be done except waiting for the traffic to get cleared...
Atlast I was able to reach 15 minutes before the IPO was suppose to close.


  1. Nabeel12:45 am

    so you were not late .. tension kioon pher?

  2. Ashmi3:30 pm

    hey! cool man, atleast you reached ;-)