Sunday, 22 January 2006

The Wait was over...

The wait was over when I returned from office and started reading the book Kane and Abel, which i had left during the climax. The way the story is presented in the book is awesome...a story about two persons born on the same day...a banker and a hotel baron who eventually do everything to destroy each other...a story which covers two world wars, the stock market bubble burst of 1929 and the great depression. If you want to know about what happens with each other read the book... i bet u r going to enjoy it. Well the book is pretty old...but u will enjoy it.


  1. Ashmi4:10 pm

    guess will read it, when can find a lil bit of time. at the moment i'm redaing something which very few people of my age would evenimagine of reading...guess what???

  2. are u reading Bhagwadgita or Ramayana???

  3. Ashmi7:06 pm

    oh!can't believe it? guessed it right! could you?...perhaps gave you hints enough ;-)...anyways trust me i'm loving it coz in the present state of mind that i'm in i need some words of wisdom and something to make me bring me that lost gives me all...rejuvenated it leaves my heart and soul :-)