Thursday, 12 January 2006

What a Finding!!!

One of my colleague messaged me on our messaging network...She said...

SL: Greatest Finding...

Amit: What???

SL: Only 20% of the girls have brains

SL: rest of them have....

SL: guess??

Amit: empty head!!!

SL: noooooo

SL: boyfriends!!!

Amit: :)

Amit: do u have brains???

SL: yes i do

Amit: i thot u dont have!!! heheheheeee

SL: huh

Amit: u have brain!!!

Amit: lets confirm it...answer the simple question... akal badi kya bhais badi???

SL: akal cant be measured...

Amit: hahahahaaaa... u proved it!!!

That was funny conversation i had amid of busy work...


  1. Laura:)10:50 am

    I understood very little of that.

  2. Åñèè§å11:25 am

    I didn't get the hindi was hindi wasn't it???

  3. laura and aeesa>> thats in hindi...

  4. Ashmi4:14 pm

    hey!that was hilarious :-D...naughty you.

  5. Laura:)12:14 am

    Translation please:)

  6. laura>> the saying is in hindi and when translated to english it wont have the same meaning... I will give a try for that...

    Hindi: Akal Badi kya bhais

    English: Is brain bigger or buffalo
    [literal translation will sound funny]

    The saying is used when you want to fool the person on the other side...