Monday, 27 February 2006


I have been tagged by Ashmi

The eight(plus one) things that I would search in a perfect lover are...

1. uphold family values
2. respect elders
3. be with me during all the happy and sad times of life
4. loyal
5. intelligent
6. beautiful eyes
7. nice voice
8. cute smile
9. reason for me to live


  1. Ashmi3:46 pm

    YAHOO!...thanx for that wonderful tagged list :-).....and yep! i loved the innovative list, the best being the last point "be a reason to live" oh! how lucky she would be feeling to have you in her life for the simple reason that you make her feel so special....*GREAT LIST* truly :D

  2. Trailady11:12 pm

    Hope you have found this wonderful person. :o)