Monday, 27 March 2006

Good Times...

The good times were back when my best friend Mushtaq came from Mumbai on a holiday. He came on saturday and that was a complete surpirse. I had just got up from bed...when i heard his voice and calling Mr. Alex (He usually calls me by that name). For one moment i thot it was a dream or I was still sleepy....when i heard it for the second time...I was sure it was not a dream. The weekend was fun...after a long time we meet.


  1. Chloe4:46 am

    lucky Amit!
    i miss a couple of friends too.
    Mr. Alex? how did that come about?

  2. Mr. Alex is a character in Madagascar movie... We are a group of 3 best friends who like this movie very much...and have watched this movie many times... Since the day we saw this movie my friend calls me by the name Mr. Alex