Monday, 13 March 2006

Till the last penny...

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I finished reading Not A Penny More, Not a Penny Less written by Jeffrey Archer...Its another good book by Jeffrey Archer. Its about 4 people Stephen, Robins, Jean Pierre and James who loose $1m by investing in Harveys Metcalfe's Prospecta Oil Company by falling into Harvey's cunning plan. The 4 decide to get their money back from Harvey and a set 4 plans in action. From the casinos of Monte Carlo, Ascot to the colleges in Oxford...they carry out their superb plan to recover thier money...not a penny more, not a penny. Well its a very old book and i guess it was published some 20 years ago...but has an awesome story...


  1. Ashmi3:46 pm

    yeah seems to be an awesome book buut somehow fiction doesnt appeal me much, i think i like classics more,there seems to be an aura around it:).....anyways hope you can read the series of jeffrey archer and tell me which is the best so that i can go for it ;-)

  2. Ashmi>> sure...will let you know the best among the series...