Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Nice movie

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Saw the movie Ice Age 2... a very good movie. After leaving office for the day I was thinking of watching a good movie. Came across this movie... When I was studying programming three years back, I always had the desire to make animations. Well I did make some of them but they were not as professional as these movies. The fact is...animations is not a easy task...it takes lots of time to code and design one frame after another.

People who love animations should watch this movie. Good movies, nice music are the one which makes feel relaxed...what makes you feel relaxed???


  1. Kool...I wanna see Ice Age 2 too...will go for it soon! Nice music and reading books is wat makes me feel relaxed.

  2. Chloe4:09 pm

    music mostly relaxes me. I watch animation movies with my son and that is very relaxing too. My favourite is Monsters Co.

  3. Apoorv Gawde10:31 am

    Ice Age -2 belongs to one of my must watch list.

    I enjoy reading a nice book, that relaxes me the most.

    playing frisbee on a beach as i watch the sunset is fun too

    Watchin a cricket match on TV with friends is great fun as well.

  4. Saw the movie at last!! Awesome:D!!

  5. It has awesome , witty dialogues!

  6. Ashmi5:27 pm

    oh yes i did watch it with my bro, whn i moved into kolkata aftr my bad phase in bangalore.....it ws indeed a welcome change.....i laughed like a kid......giggled all the way to glory:D