Tuesday, 3 October 2006

Going where???

Sometimes i think where is life taking me... What is happening in my life? To accept the fact I have just one close friend to me. Never told anyone about my life as much as I shared with my best friend. Life is good... It gives an opportunity only once to make such good friends, and that opportunity should not be ignored. Work is not the only thing in life... Childhood days are spent in schools, college days struggling to get a good degree and after that work occupies one and leaves no time for other things in life which even though small can really make a difference.
I know i might be sounding a bit philosophical but the truth is we ignore small things which can bring great happiness by attending to problems, which only increases our tensions and creates a distance between us and happniess...

The only thing is life i value most is not work...nor studies...its relations which make a difference in life...and all other things are secondary...

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  1. Kapil7:40 am

    Dude, you dont sound a little bit philosophical... You are completely philosophical... But i agree with whatever you have written there... The only thing that matter is relationships that we make and the amount of love that we spread n get... You can consider me as your 2nd close friend and share your life with me... ;-) Am glad to have met you and been so close to you... Relations is what i am building in Beijing and i ensure that i spend enough time with friends here after work... That has made me realise that life is outside work... :-D