Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Gone in 2 Seconds...

It was a terrible experience yesterday... I was on my way to temple at 07:00pm. I was thinking of something and did not realise that I came in middle of the busy road without noticing fast moving vechicles. First, it was a bike which would have hit me and a second later it would have been a car, thanks to the rider and the driver of those vehicles who applied the brakes at the rite time and I got away, else I would have been in the hospital bed. As soon as I realised that I was in middle of the road and saw fast moving bike and car approaching me like a flooded river, I thought for a second that its the end...

I apologised to the rider and driver for my carelessness and walked my way towards the temple. The same morning the vehicle in which I was travelling to my office would have hit a speeding volvo bus, it was so close that there was one feet distance between the vehicle I was in and the volvo...well I think I have more time left over to spend :)


  1. Apoorv Gawde2:26 pm

    wow a close shave??

    looks like the volvos are on a rampage...

  2. yes buddy, it was a close shave...and eggxactly the volvos are on a rampage!!!