Thursday, 9 November 2006

Finally bought it...

Finally bought a new mobile... it was been long pending, i shud say very long... bought a new Sony Ericsson w55oi...

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i was planning to buy a Sony MP3 player so that i can listen to music anywhere... my old phone which was again Sony Ericsson servered me loyally for 34 months, lastly it gave up... on last sunday it stopped working...and i missed a few important calls... thought its the high time that i shud change my cell... had read abt w550 on net and it has built in MP3 player, Video player and lots of other features...liked it and bought it couple of days back...

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the quality of sound and pictures is awesome and no one can beat Sony in this...and another best part is got a gold coin for the purchase and i can change the panel of the cell...hmmm a nice buy :)


  1. Yeah..thats an amazing piece!

  2. Akshay.k.bulbule7:06 pm

    hey wherz the party dude..???

  3. d4u - ya its too good...fully loaded with features...

    Akshay - party...soon wud be coming to see u, then lets have a party...

  4. kya baat hai sirjee
    new phone amd all
    but yaar too may people have this model
    unfortunately rehman also has it
    but its a cool model. good features esp. walkman

  5. so are you happy with the fone? what's so cool about it vs. other fones.. and incidentally, what do you do with the gold coin? sorry, lots of questions.. just finding it all rather interesting =)

  6. use the fone then u wil get to know wht the difference is known for its music and camera...the fone has got awesome music clarity with equlizers and picture quality is good...

    Incidentally with the gold coin...i think gold as an investmetn - i am a MBA finance and i know the value of gold. A free tip for u...start buying gold(or buy this fone, so that u get gold coin) is a very good inflation hedge...think of it...

    and the interesting part is that my posts are always been interesting thats why the page has received more than 5K hits in a very less time... hope u come back here care..

  7. I have w810i..

    Congrats on your new role at Office.