Wednesday, 15 November 2006

Now Listening...

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Now I am listening to few of the best kannada songs that i like...from the movies...

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I like these songs for thier lyrics and melodious music...I have been listening to these songs all the day long... Have included them in my album online so that every time i need not go and open the movie page and select them....once included them in the album...just a click wil play these songs... Sometimes I wonder how the song writer, music composer and singers are able to create nice songs like these...


  1. Apoorv Gawde10:33 am

    not heard Kannada songs of recent times....long ago i used to see Chitramanjari and that was my only source for Kannada songs :)
    Is the quality still the same??

  2. Vikram3:23 pm

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