Sunday, 27 April 2008

My take on - Kya Aap Panchvi Pass se tez hain...

I watched one episode of this new serial which started two days back... Hmmmm.. Well I think its a good entertainment factor and yes only till they are able to get a little dumb adults who don't know (or can pretend to be unware of...) the simple facts...I believe this show is going to be a big hit given two aspects the show has in it.. firstly, the children...they are and look too good on the screen and the grown-ups who fail to answer the simple questions which adds a lot of fun to this show... I think I will continue to share my views about this serial once couple more episodes are aired...and lastly..I just want to know if there is some source which can give statistics on how many books related to Class 1 to Class 5 sold during the last few weeks...just to get an idea of how many of the 20+ year old people have started revising what they read 20+ years ago!!!

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