Monday, 16 March 2009

Chariots of Fire...

I wanted to watch the movie Chariots of Fire from quite a long time. The interest initiated after I came across the movie theme music and post searching the internet about the movie, I thought, I should not be missing this movie. Chariots of Fire made in 1981, is based on a true story of British athelets. The dialogues are motivational and inspiring which for sure intensify the desire to achieve and accomplish. The movie has a good cinematography along with the scene matching background score. Eric and Harold are two athelets who dream of gold medals in the 1924 olympics, and the movie best captures the desire, passion and hardwork put by Eric, Harold and their trainer. One of the best things that come out in the movie is the true desire of a sportsman to cross the finishing line first and much before others. This is a movie which one should not miss watching...More on this movie is can be found here.

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