Saturday, 13 June 2009

News - New competitor!

We are subject to lot of information every day...mails, television, news papers, magazines, internet, etc... Lot of information through these sources may not be relevant to every body, and thank god we have the ability of selective listening and seeing... All said, there is lot of information which make its way to almost everybody in real-time through internet/mobile internet with facebook, twitter, etc. The social networking sites have grown significantly and its still growing. Agree or not, these sites are in a way becoming a competitor to the news industry. People in conference, movie halls, shopping complex, traveling, etc with their status updates are able to keep their friends informed on whats happening in real-time. Be there a great idea being described in a conference, or the traffic jam on some road, etc..all this information make its way through the networks and reaches hundreds of their friends in real-time. May be a news provider would have taken more time to publish this story as a lot of times the story goes through a various checks in the news room before its made public. Well, on fb or twitter, the status updates don't go through those checks and makes it easy for those updates to become public within less time. These sites are the new competitors to news providers, however they cannot match the depth and breadth of news coverage. But, news provider may no longer have an opportunity to say that a particular event was covered by them before anybody did. You may not know, somebody might have put that information before you in their twitter or fb status!

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