Sunday, 28 June 2009

What an idea!!!

Sponsors of Tomorrow…the ad campaign by Intel is very unique and a good idea. The campaign not only promotes the product, it as well promotes the people with whose ideas, the product came into existence. So far, I was not aware of who invented the idea of USB till I saw this ad. We use USB so often without knowing the brain behind making USB available…and most of the pc based products are run using USB. Be it the pocket mp3 player, the printer, the modem, keyboard, mouse, etc etc and etc… The following is one of the ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ ad which describes Ajay V Bhatt, who is working on mobile technology currently and who is a co-inventor of the USB technology.. In this video an actor plays the character of Ajay, while information about the real Mr. Bhatt can be found on Intel's website (Click Here). Ads like these are good motivation for the employees as well as an innovative way to tell the world who has been working on a great idea!

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