Tuesday, 27 April 2010

interesting perceptions…

Well I think I can write a book on this now…I am not kidding…The way we perceive things can be really different the way it actually exists. It is all based on the pattern recognition that we follow through out. I tried few examples with my good friends and the results were not surprising. Those proved to be showing that we do follow a lot of pattern recognition in almost everything we do. Be it at work or in personal life, the use of pattern recognition exists. Pattern recognition is associated to the the way we think. The hard wired neurons do not want to waste a lot of energy on trying to think for everything in a different way, unless you consciously want to think different. The example I tried with few of friends had three lines I narrated to them and asked three questions about those lines.. Here are those-
1. Jane heard the jingling sound of the ice-cream van, and she went to first floor.
2. She looked for the piggy bank till she found it.
3. She tilted the piggy bank till she had some money out of it.
Now the three questions…
1. What is the age of Jane?
2. Why did she go to first floor?
3. Till when she tilted the piggy bank?
And the answers were..
1. One of the response was 8 years old, other was 8 to 9 years old and another was 6 years old…
2. She went to the first floor to find the piggy bank as she needed some money to buy the ice-cream.
3. She tilted the piggy bank till some coins fell with which she can buy some ice-creams…

There is absolutely nothing wrong with these answers. As Tim Hurson states in his book - ‘Think Better’, we all are conditioned to use the patterns to act. While these questions were being narrated or read by you, there was a picture of little girl Jane in a frock running to the first floor after she heard the sound of ice-cream van. We all visualize that scene. The way she would have run to the first floor, the way the stairs were arranged, even to the extent of the color on the walls, the piggy bank and also the sound of some coins falling from piggy bank. The pattern recognition is so common and so powerful because it is how we all are conditioned since we were kids. While walking in the dark and a lonely road, a fallen rope may sometime seem to be a snake, or  a person fallen unconscious on the footpath of a road may be perceived to be a drunk guy, however it may not be case always!
Why did I choose to blog about this? In the last few years, I have been working and interacting with people at different levels in their jobs, coming with different cultures, educational qualifications and experiences. In every one with so many differences, yet one thing that remains common is the pattern recognition which influences the way things are perceived in the same way yet by different individuals. There is nothing wrong in coming to conclusions using pattern recognition and this is what that makes us superior to other creatures. However, the use of pattern recognition needs to be applied carefully when trying to think different!

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