Tuesday, 7 September 2010

while i was programming….

Programming was good while i did it during my college days..and sometimes when i do it now to help my blog improve.. Well I began to write this post to describe how it was..when i was completely into programming… Some of the languages i used then are not relevant now, however they did help develop the logic..logic is independent of programming language like music is… Cobol, Lisp, VB 6 and not to forget C and C++ which still rule the world… While I was completely into Computers and programming, it was a good fun… change a variable, the results are so different… developed my own Operating System while i was in graduation…may be i will work on that after retiring from my job to improve that..and some funny programs written to print everything into caps or in reverse order were fun and exciting…from the machine language programming i learnt that the pc does not multiply x * y, it actually adds x, y times…wow that was something interesting..and more interesting was LISP and PROLOG to help build systems like humans which have thinking and power to correct themselves… all in all it was a good fun writing programs that involved prime number identification to learning systems… well i say technology helps to be creative till you have the solution, after then it makes people lazy or in other words get used to convenience…and its not bad…we always try to reduce the effort and see gains in productivity, don't we? Logic is what matters in the world today, no matter how you achieve it…either by C or by C# you got to describe the logic else #include in C or C# won’t understand what you are trying to achieve…

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