Monday, 18 February 2013

eight years back!

Eight years back I wrote this article when I was to join Thomson Reuters (then Reuters). Then it was the February 2005 and I was in my 5th Trimester of MBA at Christ College and the interview for this job happened just before a day of the final exams. Change is the constant, and lot did change... From then what I was, and to what I am now...there is a lot of change (on a side note, the traffic and expenses in Bangalore did change a lot).. Working with wonderful people - team mates, my managers, I did learn a lot...from managing people to providing precise requirements to developers and understanding, cultivating the habit to provide timely and accurate data to clients.. It has been a wonderful journey since I began working with this company. Got a chance to work with inspiring, enthusiastic people...and the experience has been great. I made a lot of good friends and enjoyed every day being here. My schoolmates say I will retire in this company..Well I have not seen future!! 

I am happy for one behavior not changing during these eight years, that is the curiosity to know/learn about anything that interests it learning calculus or blogging after an year! I used to write about movies, travel in this I find it so difficult to find time to punch some keys to put a post on this blog.. Whoever said that there is no free time, and you need to make one, he/she is correct in saying so..therefore keep checking this space, I may be able to make some time to get on the blog roll as I did during past few years. And now with technology advancing, blogging is on the go...

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